Panelists, Artists, and Performers give their thoughts on SOURCE360
We are here at Wingate Park, Brooklyn at the culmination of Hip-Hop. This is how we all started. Chubb Rock

Legendary Hip-Hop Artist

It was a blessing. I always looked up to The Source magazine, thought it was always dope so I’m glad to be a part of it. King Combs

Hip-Hop Artist

The one thing that I love about The Source and SOURCE360, is it stays connected to all the independent artists. Deb Antney

CEO, Mizay Entertainment

I find that a lot of people they’ll come up to me and they’ll say “you know what Shanté, you’re so down to earth”, and I said you know that’s why you will find me at an event like this one. Making sure that people get that feeling. Roxanne Shanté

Legendary Hip-Hop Artist and Film Producer

This is a magazine that I’ve been seeing since I was so young so for me it’s a very big move to be out here and share knowledge and my music. Melymel

Latino Hip-Hop Artist

It was great, it had a lot of good information speaking about the things that are going on today with the blend of Latin and urban. Mr. Paradise

Latin Artist

Thank you Source 360 for including the cannabis industry panel on the speaker series. We are seeing an evolution happening in the business market. The legal cannabis space is slated to make $50 billion by 2026. African Americans make up 1% in this industry. As this business market continues to grow it is imperative we connect with communities of color to advise them of the opportunities. From advocacy to growers to ancillary businesses like accounting, finance, legal, marketing, technology, communications, packaging, security and much more. It’s much bigger than most imagine and we must get involved. Thank you Source 360 for providing us a platform to share our insight. Gia Morón

Founder & CEO, GVM Communications, Inc.